Tips for Getting Kids Involved in Thanksgiving

Trivia, Activities, Tips for Getting Kids Involved in Thanksgiving

How many places in the U.S. are named “Turkey”, “Plymouth”, or “Cranberry?” What was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving? How did the tradition of “pardoning the White House turkey” get started? Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away and with the resources listed below, your students will be able to answer these questions. We’ve got some lesson plans/activities for the classroom and some craft activities for home. Parents, don’t forget to check out the resources on ways to get the kids involved when preparing the big feast!

Help Prepare Your Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner (written for kids)
Get Your Kids Involved with Thanksgiving Cooking
Some Interesting Thanksgiving Census Facts
Thanksgiving in North America: From Local Harvests to National Holiday
What Was on the Menu at the First Thanksgiving?
History of the Presidential Turkey Pardon
•Teacher’s Guide: Thanksgiving – Primary Resources
•Activities/Lesson Plans: Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom
•Activities: Thanksgiving Activities for Home

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