Our History

The Village Youth Services, Inc. was founded in July 2005, and incorporated in July 2007. TVYS was initially created to assist in enhancing many of the academic services currently provided to children. However, in 2007 after discovering that many children which we served were not receiving adequate nutrition, the “Healthy & Fit” program was incorporated into the existing tutoring program with the goal of educating children and parents on nutritious afterschool snacks which were “kid friendly” (easy for children to prepare themselves).

Through this program, the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) was introduced to the director, and, after applying, TVYS became a sponsor of the SFSP. During its first year as a sponsor, TVYS served over 3,200 lunches per day during the summer months. Realizing the need was far greater, TVYS actively sought each program year to increase the number of state-approved feeding sites from the State maximum of 25 per sponsor, to a total of 92-sites, serving over 7,200 meals per day during the summer months.

Our Mission

At Village Youth, we understand that our children quite literally represent the future of our country. Helping to raise a generation of healthy, well-educated children is our top priority. At Village Youth, we are honored to play a small but essential role in this process by ensuring that children have access to the healthy, nutritious food that they need. Studies have confirmed that children need nutrition in order to excel at school—and our goal is to make sure that every child here in South Florida has access to healthy, nutritious food.

Our Vision

We believe that “the best is yet to come” for our South Florida community. The children of today represent the leaders of tomorrow – business owners, community leaders, politicians, and citizens. But many of South Florida’s children are facing a crisis through no fault of their own. Child obesity rates are soaring, the education system is failing many children, and too many kids do not have the support they need from their family. At Village Youth, we are investing into our future by investing into these at-risk children.

Our People

LaMekka Noble
Executive Director

Indhira Ceballo
Program Coordinator

Randy Maynes
Data Specialist

Sabrina Cromartie
Outreach Coordinator


Village Youth provides healthy meals and snacks to children throughout South Florida.

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