Summer Food Service Program

Children need good food all year long, even when they’re not in school. The Summer Food Service Program provides healthy meals to children age 18 and younger, FREE OF CHARGE.

The Summer Food Service Program:

• Feeds low-income children in the summer
• Gives a boost to public and private non-profit summer programs
• Helps give low-income children the best start on the new school year

With summer meals, children get the nutrition they need to learn, play, and grow, during summer vacation when they do not eat at school.

After School Meals Program

Nearly 18 million students depend on free or reduced-price school lunches and breakfasts for nine months out of the year. However, it takes more than just breakfast and lunch to keep children healthy and energetic. Our After School Meals Program works to meet this need by providing students with healthy, nutritious snacks during the afternoon.

Currently, this program is only available to agencies receiving funding from The Children’s Trust, through our Out-Of-School Nutrition Program (OOSNP); however, please continue to check back for information on when this program will be available to other agency’s.

Healthy Mind, Strong Body Nutritional and Physical Education Program for Kids

Healthy Mind, Strong Body is a nutritional and physical education program, designed for children and teens, to ultimately empower them to achieve a lifestyle of well-being. Education is the main tool for creating awareness, consciousness, and a plan of action for both parents and their children to become enlightened and empowered to construct healthy lifestyle habits. During each session, using hands-on learning through games, group activities, demos, discussions, and illustrations, children are able to use their five senses for an optimal learning experience.

Lifestyle Enhancement Through Nutrition

Lifestyle Enhancement Through Nutrition workshops aims to give parents the tools to make healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices in order to enhance their, as well as their loved one’s quality of life; Happiness! The workshop grasps the understanding of healthy eating principles, food alternatives, shopping on a budget, recipes, the role of food in our body, life enhancement tips and a cooking demonstration. These workshops are an extension of the Healthy Mind, Strong Body program for kids, tailored to a parent’s “need to know” as caregivers for children.


Village Youth provides healthy meals and snacks to children throughout South Florida.

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