Our Diaper Bank

    We are currently in the process of creating a “Diaper Bank” that will help low-income parents provide for their families. Diapers are extremely expensive and this expense can make it difficult for families to provide their children with the essentials they need to grow up in a safe, healthy environment.

    Diapers are important not only in a baby’s health and well-being, but also in ensuring hygiene for the whole family. They are a basic necessity for a child, equal to parental love and food. But diapers are expensive. Unhappy babies can lead to unhappy parents which can cause material and paternal stress. In extreme cases this can lead to child abuse. A lack of diapers limits a family’s childcare options. Many childcare facilities will not allow children to be dropped off without an adequate amount of diapers for the day. Unfortunately, diapers are not listed as essentials that can be funded with federal assistance programs because they are considered “hygiene items”.

Providing For A Baby Is Expensive

1.  A typical baby goes through 8 to 12 diapers a day!
2.  On average a family spends $120 on diapers a month!
3.  1 in 3 Families struggle to buy diapers resulting in reusing disposable      diapers.
4.  34% of families cut food and education expenses to purchase      diapers.
5.  22% of children under the age of 5 live in poverty.
6.  Mothers feel guilt, anxiety, and an increased level of stress.

Why diapers matter

1. Without diapers: Babies cannot participate in early childhood     education.
2. Without childcare: Parents cannot go to work.


Why does early childhood education matter?

1. Students that participate in early childhood education are 2.5 times     more likely to go on to higher education.
2. New parents can participate in parenting classes, GED courses, and     other programs that stabilize families.


The Village Youth Diaper Bank will be a partnership between businesses, community leaders, and other organizations dedicated to supporting at-risk families and children. Give us a call or email to donate diapers to The Village Youth Services in order to help those children in need.


Village Youth provides healthy meals and snacks to children throughout South Florida.

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